A summer feel, suiting my gorgeous outdoor venue.   

As part of my Simcha weekend, please arrange my Friday night dinner for 40 of my close family and out of town guests.

Afternoon tea for 120 people in my home.   

We went on a Safari as part of our Son’s Barmitzvah celebrations, please use the rustic vibe within my theme, adding a touch of my garden to the evening. 

Please come up with a ladies brunch buffet that all of my guests will love.

Purim is our theme, use it to transform this blank canvas.

Graffiti and fun! That’s all my daughter dearest and I want!

My son and daughter want to share their Simcha, for our family Friday night dinner, can we use blue and pink as the theme?  

Pretty and elegant flowers in an industrial setting

Elegant and modern Friday night Dinner Barmitzvah   

My son loves Newcastle United, please don’t make my elegant Friday night dinner look like a football pitch!   

Noah’s ark theme, bespoke centerpieces, room dividers and special touches to bring it to life!    

Shabbat lunch buffet, modern, fresh and summery!  

Lag Ba’Omer is our theme, use it to transform this blank canvas.   

As part of my Simcha weekend I would like you to do an afternoon Shabbat tea for all of my out of towners, family and close friends.   

Kiddush – lunch for 500 people in my back garden!   

My son loves aeroplanes and destinations, lets make this our event theme!  

My daughter is extremely talented in art and painting, please can we use this as the theme for her Batmitzvah party.   

Fun filled evening bringing out my son’s sporty nature and personality   

Friday night dinner for 50 of my guests to start my daughter’s Simcha weekend off!     

Ice skating Batmitzvah party with fun accessories and favours for guests.